New year without indigestion

Jahreswechsel ohne Verdauungsbeschwerden | her1 - Natural Wellbeing

The end of the year is approaching in giant steps - time to think about good resolutions for the new year! For many, January is best to start with a new body. Hard training and strict diet plans are forged.

How about a change in 2020 with a little serenity: with self-love and health instead of calorie goals and a new desired clothing size? A healthy body and mind start with a healthy gut. We can do something for the health of our intestines every day and many small steps lead to major changes in the long term.

Slow food, small portions, sufficient drinking, lots of exercise, high-fiber foods and a daily dose of healthy probiotics ensure more well-being in your own body. Inner Beauty contains 25 billion natural lactic acid bacteria for your intestinal health and your overall well-being.

Inner Beauty - with 25 billion natural lactic acid bacteria

Suitable for:

✅  Vegetarians / vegans
✅  Pregnant / lactating women
✅  Free of allergens (lactose, gluten, nuts)

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