#wirbleibenzuhause - How do you keep fit at home?

#wirbleibenzuhause – Wie hältst du dich zuhause fit? | her1 - Natural Wellbeing

The gym is closed, the fridge is close at hand - you can quickly get out of shape from the sheer number of home offices. Exercise is incredibly important for our health and well-being.

When we exert ourselves physically, our body produces more immune cells and our immune system is strengthened. Our intestines are also stimulated by movement. On the other hand, sitting too slowly can lead to bloating or constipation. A short walk is good for body and soul.

You will get even more tips for your fitness this week fromher1-Team.

1. Xu (founder) - Live online trainings via Urban Sports Club

"I love the new ones Live online courses from Urban Sports Club. This allows me to stream my regular sports courses with my favorite trainers and get some normalcy at home. In addition, Urban Sports Club shares 80% of their earnings with their partner studios that have been closed for a few weeks. "

My advice:  Rummage through the variety and virtually visit a studio in another city.

2. David (Marketing) - HIIT training via zoom

"We all know how important it is to stay at home at the moment. I only leave the apartment to go jogging along the canal in the morning. That gives me energy for the whole day! In the evenings, I usually do a HIIT workout before Computer with one of my favorite trainers. "

My advice: The virtual workouts from @emireerose via zoom. Power guaranteed!

3. Maritta (product) - Yoga via Youtube

"I start my day with half an hour of yoga. Yoga helps me to wake up my body and clear my head. The nice thing about home practice: I can decide for myself every morning whether I prefer to practice meditation or headstand."

My advice: The YouTube channels from Fightmaster yoga and Cat Meffan - Both teachers offer yoga for all levels of difficulty.