What ingredients does Inner Beauty contain and why?

Welche Zutaten enthält Inner Beauty und warum? | her1 - Natural Wellbeing

Billions of lactic acid-producing bacteria live in our intestines. They are indispensable for our organism: Lactic acid bacteria help with digestion, stimulate our immune system and have an impact on our overall well-being. The more of the desirable bacteria live in our digestive tract, the better.

Most of us, however, only ingest small amounts of lactic acid bacteria through food. Honestly: How much sauerkraut, yoghurt and miso paste do you eat in an average week?

To support the intestine, it is therefore worth taking a probiotic every day. A daily dose of our Inner Beauty contains about as many natural lactic acid bacteria as 2.5 kg of yogurt! But there is a lot more to Inner Beauty.

Focus on inner beauty ingredients

🍓  Inulin from the agave is an indigestible fiber that serves the lactic acid bacteria as food and ensures that they reproduce well.

🍓  Peas are an excellent source of vegan protein and contain a lot of fiber that stimulates digestion.

🍓  Baobab, the fruit of the African baobab tree, is rich in vitamins, minerals and digestive fiber.

🍓  Strawberries don't just give Inner Beauty its beautiful color. In natural medicine, the red berries are considered to be delicious helpers against irregular digestion or constipation.

Inner Beauty - with 25 billion natural lactic acid bacteria

Suitable for:

âś…  Vegetarians / vegans
âś…  Pregnant / lactating women
âś…  Free of allergens (lactose, gluten, nuts)

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