How to avoid infections - 5 tips

So vermeidest du Infekte – 5 Tipps | her1 - Natural Wellbeing

Our immune defences are a complex interplay of different organs, cells and messenger substances. When we are healthy, the immune system fights external invaders and defective cells on the body. For the immune system to function properly, it needs our support.  

1. Pay attention to hygiene 

  • Regular and above all thorough hand washing with soap helps to get rid of germs and viruses before they can enter our body. Also make sure to disinfect your phone daily and change, wash or disinfect your clothes regularly. 

2. Staying on the move 

  • Sport and exercise strengthen the immune system as more immune cells are produced by physical exertion. You don't need to run a marathon – even a daily walk keeps you healthy. 

3. Reducing stress

  • Persistent stress weakens the immune system and slows down the immune system. Talk to your friends about positive issues and calm your body with meditation, yoga and enough sleep. 

4.Healthy diet 

  • Fruits and vegetables are particularly rich in vital vitamins and minerals. If you have trouble integrating 5 handfuls into your diet, you can drink your daily dose of fruit and vegetables as a smoothie. 

5. Strengthen the intestine with probiotics 

  • 70% of our immune cells are located in the intestine. A balanced intestinal flora is crucial for the health of the digestive tract. Probiotics help to keep unwanted bacteria at bay and keep the gut healthy. 

Probiotics are naturally found in fermented foods such as sauerkraut and yoghurt. You can take the good bacteria in the form of a probiotic in a particularly high dose: A daily portion of Inner Beauty contains 25 billion natural lactic acid bacteria – for the same amount of good bacteria you would have to eat 2.5 kg of yoghurt. 

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