Digestive Problems - A Mere Woman's Thing?

Verdauungsprobleme – Reine Frauensache? | her1 - Natural Wellbeing

It's crazy: women usually eat more health-conscious than men and still suffer from digestion problems much more often. Constipation, diarrhea, bloated stomach - in two out of three cases, a woman is affected.

The reason for this lies in the anatomical and hormonal differences between the sexes. Would you have thought that the female colon is longer than that of men? The gut must also share the space in the abdominal cavity with the reproductive organs. The ups and downs of the hormones do the rest: for many women, the cycle begins with diarrhea and ends with sluggish digestion or even constipation.

Gentle helpers for digestive problems

Gentle helpers against indigestion are slow eating, sufficient fiber, exercise and lots and lots of drinking. It is also important not to suppress the urge to stool and to take enough time to go to the toilet. A daily probiotic can also help your digestion and help keep your gut healthy. The laxative handle should always be your last choice!

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