Upcycling tutorial: Turn your empty Inner Beauty jar into a chic vase

Upcycling-Tutorial: Verwandle dein leeres Inner Beauty-Glas in eine schicke Vase | her1 - Natural Wellbeing

Have you used up your first glass of Inner Beauty? Then please don't throw it away! We show you how you can turn our high-quality screw-top jar into a chic vase. For this upcycling tutorial you only need 3 materials and a little bit of tact.


đź’Ž  waterproof, matt spray paint in black

đź’Ž  duct tape

đź’Ž  empty inner beauty glass

That's how it's done

Attach the tape to the glass so that there is a straight edge. Spray the free part of the glass evenly with varnish and let it dry well. Gently peel off the tape. Finished!

Inner Beauty - with 25 billion natural lactic acid bacteria

Suitable for:

âś…  Vegetarians / vegans
âś…  Pregnant / lactating women
âś…  Free of allergens (lactose, gluten, nuts)

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