Recipe: Red beetroot-raspberry smoothie for good digestion

Rezept: Rote Beete-Himbeer-Smoothie für eine gute Verdauung | her1 - Natural Wellbeing

Sometimes it just has to go fast: On stressful days, a delicious smoothie helps you to eat important nutrients in a healthy way and still eat up to the fast. A further advantage is that the digestion is relieved when fruit and vegetables are taken up in a large amount of comminuted material. 

For our Red Beete-Raspberry smoothie, you only need six ingredients. Red beets not only support your digestion-the tuber will also be countered by anti-aging effects! The vitamin C contained is responsible for this. Raspberries are also rich in this effective antioxidant. Datteln give the smoothie a creamy, natural sweetness and protect against crippling constipation. Almond milk contains healthy dietary fibre which, together with bitterings from the lime, boost digestion. 

Round the mixture with 2 TL Inner Beauty. The strawberry powder fits well in taste and your gut flora is more than 25 billion natural lactic acid bacteria. 


🍓 3 small tubers red beetroot (gegart + diced)

🍓 a handful of raspberries (fresh or frozen)

🍓 3 Datteln (without core)

🍓 2 tsp Inner Beauty-Powder

🍓 Almond milk according to Belieben

🍓 1 splash of lime juice


The preparation is quite simple: give all the ingredients in a stand mixer and fade until you are satisfied with the consistency. 

Inner Beauty-with 25 billion natural lactic acid bacteria

Suitable for:

✅ Vegetarian/Veganer
✅ Pregnant/breast-feeding
✅ Free of allergens (lactose, gluten, nuts)

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