Health + lactic acid cultures (probiotics)

Many are familiar with the term “probiotics” in connection with yogurt and fermented products.

Probiotics are the naturally occurring “good” intestinal bacteria in our digestive system and play a significant role for our immune system, our well-being and also for our skin.

If we are healthy, our gut is home to about 100 billion “good” intestinal bacteria (ten times more than the number of cells in our body). These bacteria support digestion and strengthen the immune system, and destroy the “bad” intestinal bacteria and germs.

Benefits of lactic acid bacteria:

  • positive impact on a poor digestion
  • will have a positive impact on bloating
  • will have a positive impact on the immune system
  • and help with irritable bowel and diarrhea,
  • bring a healthy balance to the intestinal flora

After a long illness or taking medication, especially Antibiotics, Doctors and nutrition experts recommend a gut cleansing with probiotics, e.g. by using natural supplements.