#wirbleibenzuhause – Our tips against boredom

#wirbleibenzuhause – Unsere Tipps gegen Langeweile | her1 - Natural Wellbeing

A lot in the life is a thing of the setting. Who changes his perspective, a mißliche situation can look as a chance and make the best from it within the scope of the possibilities.

We everybody miss our families, friends and colleagues. At the same time we have everybody suddenly time to do those things for which we take no other time. Windows clean, wardrobe clean out, books read, with good conscience a complete series peep through.

Thus the team from expels itself her1 the specially time at home.

1. Flo (Operations) – Attention practice with Wim Hof Methode

"I try myself just in that Wim Hof Methode from. To me it is important to put apart me carefully with my body not to lose me in own 4 walls. By the breathing exercises the oxygen portion increases in the body, one has more energy, reduces stress and increasingly at the same time the immunological reaction. The additional cold showering improves, in addition, the sleeping quality and raises the production of Endorphinen what raises the mood in natural manner."

2. Maritta (product) – Up-cycling with Fashion-Tutorials

"My topical darling-Youtube canal is @withwendy. Wendy transforms a sleeping-bag into a winter coat, copies skin Couture looks (Gucci Mundschutz with paste stones!) and has tailored her own wedding dress. Thanks to the creative Tutorials I have rediscovered my old hobby dressmaking. Though my Upcycling projects are not (still suited Red Carpet, however, the evenings at home pass just like in the flight."

3. Essi (marketing) – Flat-Upgrade with cool colours

"On the week-end stroke my friend and I a wall in the bedroom and one in the sitting room. As a special eye-cacher we have selected to us relatively dark colours. However, this is not our only DIY project: During the last weeks we have already built a shoe shelve and unterbed boxing to store our additional bedding dustlessly."